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Writing from da Harbor

"Little Slices" Book

Do you ever feel like all the magical places on earth have transformed into McDonalds, shopping malls and parking lots?  Copper Harbor, Michigan remains one of the few true natural getaways.

Preserved in Little Slices of da Harbor, you can now visit nature's wonders everyday!
  • Sit in the grass as the wildflowers and turning leaves tease each other. 
  • Perch on Brockway's nose as she marvels about her little town.
  • Row beside the bell buoy as he snivels about the ceaseless waves. 
  • Surrender to Lake Fanny Hooe's lustrous charm.  (Careful, she might make you blush!)

The child in you will giggle as the characters captivate you through the year, season by season.  Bring your jacket and your shades!

Little Slices includes 16 charming illustrations by local artist Kevin Blackstone escorted by daisy duke length stories.  Perfect for your coffee table, bedtime stories and (ahem) the powder room.

Download a free pdf exerpt here.

Books retail for $12.95, a small price to pay for perpetual serenity.

Get your signed copy:

Laughing Loon, Copper Harbor 
Grandpa's Barn, Copper Harbor

Swede's Gift Shop, Copper Harbor
Harbor Haus Restaurant, Copper Harbor
Lighthouse Gift Shop, Copper Harbor
Lac La Belle Lodge, Lac La Belle

Copper World, Calumet

Book World, Houghton
Snowbound Books, Marquette
Canterbury Books, Escanaba
Straight from Amanda!  (See below)

Get a personally autographed copy by mailing Amanda Rogers a check for $12.95 (includes tax).  I'll pay your shipping!  Mail to P.O. Box 94 in Copper Harbor, MI 49918.  Once I receive your check, I'll send you a brand spanking new signed copy!

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