Writing from da Harbor

About the Author

Hey, I’m Amanda Wais.  Nice to meet you.  Since you clicked on this page, you probably want to know about my life.  Here it is:

I grew up in central Wisconsin as a spunky wannabe actress.  In 2005 I moved to Copper Harbor, Michigan with my wonderful man.  I had just graduated from UW-Stevens Point with an English Degree, so why not snowboard at Mount Bohemia for the winter?

We soon realized that one winter wasn’t going to cut it.  We fell in love with the community and the landscape.  We bought our first house here in 2011 and plan to stay as long as they’ll have us.

Being a curious adventurer, I like to wander all around the ridges, forests and shorelines for my fix.  I get a lot of inspiration this way, and I like to share it with the world. 

I just cannot quell my hunger for the fresh air, natural beauty, finding a place I have never been to and working up a good sweat.  All these things keep me roaming the wilderness for more.

In the winter I love to snowshoe, snowboard, cross country ski, ice skate and build my snow fort.  Shoveling is all right too.

The summer is too hectic for me to get out as often as I’d like, but I do enjoy picking berries, mountain biking, hiking, climbing rocks, studying the plants and wildflowers, watching the waves and laying in the sunshine.

The spring and fall lend themselves to a calmer lifestyle.  Truly a time to reflect and catch up on the rest of life.  I do lots of my writing then as well.

Well, enough about me, and more about Copper Harbor!